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Special Offers

Professional Bridal Consultant Available
Free of charge, The Florist offers the sage advice of Ethel Jones, our Bridal Consultant. Ethel is a pro with decades of experiences in weddings of all sizes and needs. Call her at (212) 555-4321 for more information!
Did You Know?
The Florist offers same day delivery (excluding Sundays & holidays) in the Continental U.S.A. if ordered before 1p.m. local delivery time.
Give The Herbal Garden!
Here's a gift idea which offers herbs for cooking and adding to favorite summer dishes, sauces and healing remedies. You can start this garden in the window box provided and place it in your window sill and watch it grow! In a short time, you'll be adding chives to baked potatoes, basil to spaghetti sauces, fresh oregano and dill, bay leaves, leeks, etc for those continental dishes. Even catnip for your cat! Each Incredible Herbal Garden Kit contains:
  • 4 clay pots
  • Special potting soil
  • 4 packs of herbs: Oregano, Basil, Parsley, Chives
All for just $19.99! Call (212) 555-4321 and order one today!
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