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Do You Speak Rose?

Did you know that roses are a language all their own? That's right, these flowers have held a special language of their own since the Roman Empire. In Victorian England, the language of flowers blossomed into an unwritten communication of courtship. A bouquet conveyed a lover's deepest feelings. The rose conveyed the message of love, and still does today.

The Florist offers an extraordinary assortment of roses for any occasion. Call (212) 555-4321 for more information on how to speak the language of roses to your loved ones. Use this handy guide:

  • Coral Rose - Desire
  • Lavender Rose - Enchantment
  • Pale Peach Rose - Modesty
  • Hot Pink Rose - Thankfulness
  • Pale Pink Rose - Grace, Joy
  • Red Rose - Love, Respect
  • Single Full Bloom Rose - I Love You; I Still Love You
  • Thornless Rose - Love At First Sight
  • White Rose - Innocence and Secrecy
  • White and Red Together Rose - Unity
  • Yellow Rose - Joy, Friendship
  • Rosebud - Beauty and Youth; A Heart Innocent of Love
  • Red Rosebud - Pure and Lovely
  • White Rosebud - Girlhood
  • Bouquet of Full Bloom Roses - Gratitude
  • Garland or Crown of Roses - Reward of Merit; Crown, Symbol of Superior Merit
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